Can Do Advocacy Service





Disability Can Do is proud to announce the launch of our Can Do Advocacy Service, funded by the Big Lottery’s People and Places Programme:

Can Do Advocacy Services

In addition to providing Independent Advocacy, this project will see the introduction of a volunteer-led Citizen Advocacy service offering one to one, longer term support for service users. Can Do Advocacy Services will  provide an in-patient advocacy service at YsbtyYstrad Fawr and also offer non-instructed advocacy support for people with limited or no capacity.

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 Advocacy support will assist service users with a wide variety of issues and will seek to ensure disabled adults and their carers are given a platform in which to express their needs and wishes when decisions are being made that affect their lives.

Our service is completely free of charge and is available to disabled residents of the Caerphilly County Borough or residents who have a caring responsibility for a spouse, family member etc.




Meet the Team

Together these four dedicated members of staff will do what they can to make sure you are provided with a high quality, user friendly Advocacy Service.



Citizen Advocacy Team

  • Mr Tom Clark – Citizen Advocacy Manager (Left)
  • Mrs Joanne Jones-Downing – Citizen Advocacy Assistant (Centre Left)

Independent Advocacy Team

  • Mr John Miles – Independent Advocacy Manager (Centre Right)
  • Mr Thomas Dyer – Independent Advocacy Assistant (Right)



 Independent Advocacy

This service will provide formal issue based Advocacy delivered by a professional advocate. Disabled adults and carers will be able to access the support of an advocate who can assist with a variety of issues.These issues may include for example hospital discharges, care package enquiries, acquisition of aids and adaptations, making complaints against services etc. As part of its remit, this service will be available to provide non-instructed advocacy to Caerphilly residents who have limited capacity.

The independent advocacy team will also operate an in-patient outreach service at Ysbty Ystrad Fawr offering accessible advocacy information and support to patients who have been admitted to the hospital.


 Citizen Advocacy

This service will provide a more informal type of advocacy offering longer term, ongoing support for individuals to manage their daily/regular affairs. Citizen Advocates will be specially trained volunteers who will visit service users on a regular basis at an agreed time.

As part of their role, Citizen Advocates will ensure service users obtain correct information in a format they understand.  They will support the service user to voice their own opinions when working through a given issue. This ensures that the individual can be fully involved in all decision making processes that effect their lives.

The Citizen Advocate will support their service users for as long as the disabled adult/carer wishes them to do so.  This service can be a long term Advocacy support service.


For example, Citizen Advocates might assist an individual to:


  • Find information about services/events/activities in the local area.
  • Make choices and sort out problems.
  • Change services if they want to.
  • Know about their rights and make sure they are respected.
  • Make difficult decisions and attend difficult meetings.
  • Make a complaint if they are not happy about something.


Contacting Us

The Advocacy service operates an open referral service and is available to both members of the public and other professionals who wish to make a referral. If you think you or someone you know could benefit from our advocacy provision, please contact us via email at or via phone on 01495 233555.