Disability Facts & Figures


Did You Know.....

  • In some of the more deprived areas of the County over 60% of residents reported themselves as living with a disabilty. (2001 census)

  • The Caerphilly Health, Social Care and Well-being Needs Assessment (2007), showed 18,100 adults with hearing difficulties, 7,850 adults with visual impairments, 44,762 adults with a long-term limiting illness (26.3%) , 22.4% of people who are of working age have a limiting long term illness. It showed high rates of disabling illness, ie. Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke.  Levels of DDA Disability recorded for Caerphilly estimated 25,000 (24%) in 2007, and one of the highest proportions of working age population with a DDA disability.

  • In 2007 nearly 25% of poeple in the valleys were reported as living with a DDA disability. 86% of these poeple are registered as over 45 years old. (CCBC Annual Population Survey)



The valleys in which we live is recongnised as one of the most challenging places to live with a disability.