Welfare FAQs

I’ve been turned down for my benefit, what do I do?

If you have been turned down for your benefit, you have a month from the date of your decision letter in which to ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration. To do this, simply phone the number that is written on your decision letter. A second person will review your case and make another decision which will be sent out to you in 4-8 weeks. If this second decision is still a rejection of the benefit, or not the rate you’d hoped for, you now have a month in which to lodge an appeal. Please contact our welfare service on 01495 233555 for assistance with the appeal paperwork.


I work, can I still apply for PIP?

Yes, PIP is a non means-tested benefit, so anyone can apply for it, even if you work full time. It is a benefit awarded to those who experience difficulty with daily tasks due to their health conditions or disabilities.


How do I apply for PIP?

To request forms for PIP, phone the DWP on 0800 9172222. You will be asked for your name, address, National Insurance number, GP’s name and address, and bank account information. You will then be sent a form in the post within the next few weeks. If you require help filling out the form, please contact our welfare service on 01495 233555.


I would like to apply for DLA for my child (under 18), can Disability Can Do help?

Unfortunately our organisation’s remit is limited to over 18s. However, please ring the office on 01495 233555 and a member of staff can provide you with some other organisations that will be able to help.


I’m over 65, can I apply for PIP?

Over 65’s cannot apply for PIP, as the PIP benefit is for 16 – 65 year olds. You may instead be entitled to Attendance Allowance. Please ring the office for further information.


I have been reassessed and my ESA has been stopped. I now have no income

If your ESA has been stopped and you decide to appeal the decision, you are then able to sign on to Jobseekers’ Allowance until your appeal has been accepted by the tribunal service. As soon as your appeal has been accepted, you can then ring the DWP and request to be put on the ‘ESA Pending Appeal’ rate and sign off Jobseekers’ Allowance. Phone our office on 01495 233555 or ask at your local Job Centre for more information on ‘ESA Pending Appeal’ rate.


I am currently on DLA at a low rate and my condition has worsened.

If you feel you should be on a higher rate of DLA, you can either request a ‘DLA change of circumstances’ form, or if you are under 65, you will need to change over to PIP, and will be reassessed as a PIP applicant.


I am currently in the ‘ESA Work Related Group’ and want to apply to be placed in the ‘Support Group.’

If you feel your conditions have deteriorated and would like to be reassessed for ‘ESA Support Group,’ you will need to write a regrouping letter to ESA and be reassessed. If you would like our support with this, please phone the office on 01495 233555.


I don't know what benefits I am entitled to?

If you feel able to, you can use the benefit calculator tool on the ‘Turn 2 Us’ website to calculate your benefit entitlement: