Welfare Success Stories 2016


Case Study 1

Mrs A attended an outreach benefit surgery at Caerphilly library asking for assistance to claim attendance allowance for her husband, both were over 80 years old. I completed an AA form for Mr A. Within four weeks, Mrs A informed me that Mr A had been awarded the high rate attendance allowance and that now she would like to claim carer’s allowance as she was only receiving a state pension of under £100. I then carried out a home visit where I completed the carer’s allowance form.


Mrs A called me a month later to say she had received a letter turning her down for carer’s allowance as her pension was over £62.10. She explained to me that she had health problems of her own and asked whether she would be entitled to attendance allowance. I completed an attendance allowance form for her and she was also awarded the higher level rate.



Case Study 2

I carried out a home visit to meet Mr B who is visually impaired and wanted to appeal against a reduction in his benefit when he was transferred from DLA to PIP. I completed the appeal paperwork for him and met with him prior to his tribunal to help prepare him. I created a submission document which was sent to the tribunal judge. Mr B wanted support to attend his tribunal as he said he gets tongue-tied. When we attended the tribunal, the judge started by saying that they were going to award Mr B the enhanced/ enhanced rate of PIP on the basis of the submission, they didn’t ask Mr B any questions! Mr B was very happy with that decision.



Case study 3

I met with Mrs C for a benefit check in the office, this led me to supporting her to ring DWP and make a claim for Employment and Support Allowance. Three weeks later I met with Mrs C again to complete the ESA50 form and I remained in contact with her over the following 12 weeks to offer her support and guidance until a successful decision was achieved.